Technology Container Corp. (TCC) is a provider to some of the world’s leading companies when complex packaging solutions are required.

TCC invented its own proprietary manufacturing processes. Our technologically advanced equipment enables us to create “Out of the Box” designs that are tailored to your specific application. Manufactured from either corrugated plastic or corrugated paper, TCC specializes in the following container designs that are available engineered to your size requirements.

Our Products &

Packaging Solutions

Custom Reels

Custom Reels

Introducing TCC’s custom reel. A new type of reel that is competitive with wood and injected molded products. Less bulk. Smoother core.

Freezer Well Boxes

Freezer Well Boxes

To improve costly and inefficient processes and reduce the retail labor burden with restocking store freezer wells, Technology Container Corp. (TCC) offers a high-speed, reusable box-like “cartridge” for transporting and stocking frozen product.



TCC offers innovative home storage containers made from durable corrugated plastic. PackAways are ideal for home storage applications such as seasonal items, back to school, garage, camping, boating, and more. Since PackAways erect instantly and knock back down flat after they are empty, they offer storage convenience and efficiencies that solid totes can’t match. PackAways are ideal for tight quarters such as apartment or condo living. Great for military moves as well. Available online at

Polypropylene Displays

Long-Life, Corrugated Plastic, Point of Purchase Displays

TCC has perfected printing and die cutting technology that enables us to make your point of purchase, free standing displays from durable corrugated plastic. These low cost, semi-permanent displays will last many times longer than paper displays and are unaffected by moisture or humidity. Our durable displays do not weaken when store floors are washed like paper displays do. All displays are custom designed and manufactured.

Plastic Agricultural Boxes

Recyclable Plastic Agricultural Boxes

Technology Container Corp. (TCC) is introducing a complete line of agricultural boxes made from fluted polypropylene resin. These corrugated plastic boxes are an ideal replacement for waxed corrugated boxes.

Easy Fold Reusable Boxes

TECHNO BOXES™ Hundreds of Distribution Cycles with Automatic Lock Bottom or Crash Bottom Features

These user friendly box designs have the bottoms pre-folded and glued during the manufacturing process. These pre-automated boxes ship like conventional boxes, knocked down flat. All you need to do to erect the box is press on opposing corners and the bottom “automatically” folds into place. Our pre-automated boxes eliminate the previously necessary time, materials, labor and space associated with box set up. [read more=”READ MORE” less=”READ LESS”]Simply, pop and pack your shipping containers. If you have the opportunity to re-use the boxes, they knock back down flat just as quickly, for easy return. These box designs are available in either corrugated plastic for hundreds of distribution cycles or corrugated paper for shorter life applications. If you are looking for ways to implement a more sustainable approach to your distribution packaging, our plastic distribution boxes are just the thing. They will help you reduce your greenhouse gases; solid waste and energy consumption by over 60% when compared to paper distribution boxes.[/read]

Hex Drums

Hex Drums

Corrugated paper hex drums are available as a low cost alternative to solid fibre, plastic or metal drums. TCC manufactures drums from 5-55 gallon sizes and custom sizes are available in various grades of corrugated paper through all double wall grades. TCC Hex Drums offer better printing capability than competitive technologies. We offer full coverage, one or two color flexographic printing which will enhance your product’s image and market presence. Minimum order quantities of 1,000 pieces are required.

Tropical Fruit Boxes

Tropical Fruit Boxes

Technology Container Corp (TCC) is introducing a complete line of Tropical Fruit Boxes engineered to be reused numerous times, driving down your packaging costs to a fraction of what you’re now paying for wasteful, one way paper boxes.


HEADSAVER™ Corrugated Plastic Sign Board

Using the most modern extruder in North America TCC manufactures high quality corrugated plastic sign board available in various sizes. How much did you spend in head repairs last year? Our flat, smooth material will provide you with an exceptional, flat printing surface, reducing costs and down time associated with head crashes.

Reusable Bulk Storage Systems


Custom bulk bins from TCC are engineered for hundreds of distribution cycles from durable corrugated plastic in grades from 3 mm to 10 mm polypropylene. Available with custom features such as access doors, security clips and flexographic printing. Combined with thermoformed pallets in a wide array of sizes, TCC’s bulk bin system is ideal for applications where the container can be re-claimed and re-used to cut costs.