If you can control your distribution packaging, TCC can help control your distribution costs!

Leading companies around the world save money and reduce their environmental footprint in a meaningful way utilizing TCC’s Techno Box™. Reusable hundreds of times, our Techno Box move the cost saving needle in a material way while dramatically shrinking your environmental footprint as it relates to distribution packaging.


  • Distribution – Break Pack
  • Work In Process – WIP
  • Snack Foods Distribution
  • Retail Distribution
  • Harsh Packaging Environments
  • Improved Product Protection
  • Medical Applications – Low Particulation

This brief video will inform you about the three main points you need to consider when analyzing whether or not your system is a candidate for reusable packaging. Click here to watch the longer video.

Do you have a reusable loop you can utilize? Can you get your distribution boxes back from their destination?

Can you return the boxes in an easy and cost effective manner?

Do your production and distribution cycles allow you to reuse your boxes at least 10-12 times per year? 10-12 Reuses per year enable a 12-month return on investment.

Techno Box™ a corrugated plastic box - this gif shows how easy it is to open and close the box
blue-1Pre-automated box starts flat.
blue-2Press on opposing corners and the bottom ‘automatically’ folds into place.
blue-3Box collapses back down flat just as easily for return and reuse.


It All Comes Down to Cost Per Distribution Cycle
Durable, Long-life Techno Box™ can be Reused Hundreds of Times, Driving Down Your Distribution Packaging Costs to just a Fraction of Your Existing Cost!

Better Product Protection

& Soft Cost Savings

Streamline Existing Packing Lines
Our Easy Fold Plastic Boxes set up instantly and can be introduced to your lines with little or no change. Eliminate the Time, Material and Labor currently associated with paper box erection.

Less Damage Claims
Techno Box made from polypropylene are stronger than paper boxes. They do not weaken or crush when humid or wet packing conditions exist. If you experience a high product loss rate, we can help.

Material Handling & Paperwork Reduced
Since you purchase Techno Box once and then use for years, your team can be more productive with their time since they aren’t unloading paper trucks and processing AP related to paper box purchases.

Let the

TCC Design Team Help

Here’s how

  • TCC can design reusable boxes in material grades from 3 mm to 10 mm. We customize the density and strength of our material to meet your performance needs.
  • Techno Box die tooling is low cost, approximately $2,500.
  • We offer FREE one or two color flexographic printing.
  • Fast turn around – generally we can ship product within 4 weeks from receipt of order and customer approved sample.
  • Full size CAD samples for testing and trialing under existing conditions.
  • TCC can generate a ROI and environmental analysis of your project.