Sustainable packaging will save your company money and help drive down pollutants, solid waste and green house gases by approximately 70%.

It all comes down to cost per distribution cycle. Durable, long-life Techno Boxes™ can be reused hundreds of times, driving down your distribution packaging costs to just a small fraction of your existing cost.

Techno Box™ a corrugated plastic box - this gif shows how easy it is to open and close the box
blue-1Pre-automated box starts flat.
blue-2Press on opposing corners and the bottom ‘automatically’ folds into place.
blue-3Box collapses back down flat just as easily for return and reuse.

Product Benefits of

Plastic Techno Boxes™

Reuse Drives Down Costs
TCC’s plastic boxes have reported life cycles of 50-500 distribution cycles.

Streamline Your Packing Operation Without The Need For Any Automation Equipment
Patented, pre-glued designs automatically assemble when opposing corners are pressed together. Our automatic locking bottom design eliminates the time, materials and labor associated with box set up, normally an additional $0.10 to $0.15 cost per conventional paper box. This same feature allows the boxes to knock back down flat just as easily, for return and reuse.

Free Environmental Impact Survey & Return On Investment Analysis (ROI)
TCC can compare your existing distribution packaging to reusable corrugated plastic boxes and generate an environmental impact study comparing both technologies, side by side. Our study, created by an independent certified lab measures a number of factors including green house gases; solid waste; energy consumption and a number of major pollutants. The same study also compares the cost of both systems and generates a ROI analysis. In packaging applications where our boxes can be reused, companies can reduce their environmental impact by as much as 70%.

RFID Compatible
Since TCC’s plastic boxes last hundreds of cycles, the longevity of our boxes makes the return on investment (ROI) of RFID technology cost effective and feasible from a capital investment perspective.

Fast Return On Investment
Techno Boxes™ have a fast break even point. In as little as 4 or 5 cycles, your cost is recovered and you’ve begun to drive down costs.

Resistant To Adverse Conditions
Plastic boxes are unaffected by moisture or humidity.

Reduced Damage Claims
Plastic Techno Boxes™ offer superior product protection, since they have better crush resistance than paper. Products are less prone to damage during shipment.

Engineered To Fit All Existing Systems
Plastic boxes are designed to be compatible with manual filling operations or can work seamlessly with automatic set up equipment.

Custom Designs
Techno Boxes™ are custom engineered to your packing application. Very low tooling costs (approx. $3,000) enable us to design packaging with all the high efficiency features your box needs for optimum performance.