Technology Container Corp. (TCC) is a customer oriented, worldwide supplier of reusable corrugated plastic boxes and plastic sign board!!

Our proprietary, high speed, manufacturing process allows us to mass produce these container designs and ship them cost effectively to any destination. Reusable hundreds of times, TCC plastic boxes with easy fold features are a more sustainable and cost effective option for distribution when reusable loops can be identified. Using the most modern extruder we manufacture high quality corrugated plastic sign board!

TCC has the largest plastic box capacity of any manufacturer in the world. Our production capabilities allow us to service large corporate accounts anywhere on a timely basis.

Low Cost Provider
TCC is vertically integrated. Under one roof, we extrude our own polypropylene sheet, and then convert that sheet into our boxes in one, high speed operation. We are cost competitive globally.

Solution Oriented
Innovative designs are our specialty. Through creative engineering, we solve packaging and distribution problems. Bring us your challenges, and we will quickly tell you if our products are a good solution for your needs.

Analytical Services
Complete cost analysis reports are part of our service. We will help you determine whether or not reusable packaging is a cost effective solution for your application.

CAD Capability
TCC will provide you with actual computer generated prototype samples of your container designs.

Patented, Pioneering Designs
TCC is a pioneer of these patented boxes. Everything is custom about the boxes we provide. TCC uses specifically formulated packaging grade resins, specific resin densities, material thicknesses, number of flute counts to ensure the most reliable container for your application. No other manufacturer has our expertise or capacity to service your needs.

Professional Expertise
Our experience sets us apart from the rest of the packaging world. We stand behind our products. At TCC, the customer comes first — period.

Free Consultations
TCC offers free consultations on how to improve your distribution methods utilizing out technology.