This brief video will inform you about the three main points you need to consider when analyzing whether or not your system is a candidate for reusable packaging. Click here to watch the longer video.

Do you have a reusable loop you can utilize? Can you get your distribution boxes back from their destination?

Can you return the boxes in an easy and cost effective manner?

Do your production and distribution cycles allow you to reuse your boxes at least 10-12 times per year? If so, it enables a 12-month return on investment (ROI). It’s important to note that our boxes can be reused hundreds of times, but reusing them at least 10-12 times per year allows a ROI in the first twelve months. The faster you can cycle your boxes, the faster you will break even and begin saving money!

Techno Box™ a corrugated plastic box - this gif shows how easy it is to open and close the box
blue-1Pre-automated box starts flat.
blue-2Press on opposing corners and the bottom ‘automatically’ folds into place.
blue-3Box collapses back down flat just as easily for return and reuse.

Cost Reduction Thru

Sustainable Packaging

TCCTechnology Container Corp. (TCC) promotes reusable distribution boxes. Our technology will enable your company to reduce green house gases; solid waste and energy consumption by over 60% when compared to paper distribution boxes. Our boxes can be reused hundreds of cycles, driving down your distribution packaging costs to just a few pennies per cycle.

Invented by TCC – Proprietary One-Step Plastic Box Manufacturing Line

Our advanced technology allows us to service very large distribution systems on a timely basis. Vertically integrated, we extrude our own polypropylene resin sheets; then convert these sheets through our one-step box manufacturing line at very high production speeds. This enables TCC to be a worldwide provider, to very large companies, on a timely basis.

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