Corrugated Plastic Boxes Offer RFID for Closed-Loop Systems

Corrugated Plastic BoxesA full line of reusable corrugated plastic boxes that are now offered with RFID (radio frequency identification) tracking for closed-loop systems has been introduced by Technology Container Corp. of Desoto, Texas.

TCC Techno-Boxes™ are corrugated polypropylene tote boxes that feature self-locking bottoms and tops which setup fast without tapes or glue and knock down flat for storage. Now offered with RFID tracking to provide complete accountability, these rugged boxes are lighter than molded plastic totes and can be reused for hundreds of cycles in closed-loop systems.

Especially effective for the distribution of high-value products, TCC Techno-Boxes™ with RFID technology let users track the number of times each box is cycled, its location, contents, and other factors; and can debit and credit accounts. These corrugated plastic boxes eliminate the transport weight and storage issues associated with molded plastic totes.

TCC Techno-Boxes™ are offered in sizes from 8”L x 8”W x8”D and up. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.